RFID Duplication Service – Key Fob (Schlage 9691T)


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The Schlage 9691T is a dual-format fob that contains two different chip types.   Our duplicate fob will function the same way and will contain both chips in one fob.

Need a copy? Our duplication service is the fastest and most convenient way to have your RFID key fob copied.  RFID key formats are interchangeable so pick the format that works best for you.  Select from key fobs, keycards, stickers, and wristbands. We offer the following add on options to our duplication service:

  • Lifetime Reprogramming ($4.99) – If you ever move or your original key is replaced, simply send in your new key along with your copies and we will reprogram them at no cost.
  • Lifetime Warranty ($4.99) – Our keys are durable but they can break, just mail in your broken key and it will be replaced at no cost.
  • Key Data Storage (Free) – We can also securely store digital copies of your key so that if you ever lose it, you can easily reorder the same key.

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Weight .02 lbs
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