Living in an apartment means compromise. Not always getting what you want really rings true for most renters.

It’s almost guaranteed that there’s something you’d change about your apartment if you could. Pretty much everyone wishes their apartment was different in one way or another.

The key to overcoming this feeling is knowing what’s unavoidable, and what you can transform into something extraordinary.

Even the worst living situations can suddenly become that much better if you make a few changes.

From decor, to neighborhood relations, to household gizmos, there’s a wide variety of ways to make your apartment feel more like “home.”

We’re bringing you our top 7 apartment living tips that can transform your apartment from just “meh,” to the envy of your friends.

Apartment Living Tips #1: Avoid Roommate Dilemmas

Let’s start off with the obvious problem most renters face; roommate issues.

We’ve all had them, and will probably have them again. Data from Zillow shows that only nine percent of millennials live alone.

What’s worse, that number has been declining since 2005. Rising rent prices and stagnating salaries are forcing people into living with roommates.

That’s all fine and dandy until you realize that living with someone is much different than being friends with them.

If you’re facing roommate issues, try talking them out first. Chances are your roommate has just as many problems as you do.

Opening dialogue can help hash out things in a way specific to your situation. If you’re not into doing the dishes, maybe your roommate can do them while you take out the trash.

If you’re both vying for alone time during date night, set a schedule where you share the main living space (kitchen and living room).

The important takeaway is that communication with your roommate will make your life much easier.

#2: Greenery

Every apartment could use some greenery.

Plants will take your dreary two-bedroom and turn the atmosphere upside down.

We’re not kidding. Many different studies have discovered that plants are somewhat of an all around mood booster.

Keeping leafy green friends in your home decreases stress, elevates mood, fosters compassion/personal relationships, and even promotes healing.

Swing by your local gardening store and pick up some easy to care for plants. The choice is yours, but we recommend cacti.

Cacti nearly impossible to kill and also produce beautiful flowers.

#3: Save On Energy, Spend On Anything Else

Life is always a little bit better with some extra money in your pocket.

What you spend it on is your choice, but fun money is never bad.

An easy way to build up some extra funds is simply monitoring your energy usage. Even if you think you’re conserving energy, we bet you can save more.

Start off with mindless efforts like only running the dishwasher when it’s full. Or saving up your laundry until you have an entire load.

Changing your lightbulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescent lights also helps keep the power bill low.

If you’re really ready to get into the savings, this next idea is key among apartment living tips.

Unplug your electronics when you’re not using them. It seems silly, but your TV, game consoles, computers, etc., all draw power even while they’re powered off.

The best way to avoid this is using powerstrips. An easy switch flip and can cut electricity from several electronics at once.

Less money spent on electricity equals more money spent on fun.

#4: Purchase A Duplicate RFID

How many times have you locked yourself out of your apartment because you forgot your RFID tag?

Probably more than once.

Now how many of you are sick and tired of walking downstairs to let your friends inside your apartment lobby? We’re assuming there’s more than a few hands raised.

Both of those problems are easily solved by purchasing a duplicate RFID. Just like cutting a new metal key, duplicate RFID tags clone your existing key.

Give one to your friend, significant other, and leave one in your car. You can clone your key as many times as you’d like.

You know what makes apartment life significantly better? Never getting locked out of your building.

#5: Storage Is King

You’ll find many apartment living tips focus on how to maximize space in your apartment.

Well, they’re complete right. It’s easy to overflow an apartment with too many objects without realizing what you’re doing.

This clutter not only takes up valuable living space, but it can also impact your brain function.

Researchers from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that a cluttered home inhibits your ability to focus and process information.

Fight back against your belongings with some creative furniture. Flattop trunks function as excellent coffee tables, while many beds have built in storage drawers.

Another good space saving tip is building up instead of out. Install cabinets or clothes racks on your walls instead of buying another dresser or end table.

Your home life will become way more awesome if you can actually walk around in your apartment.

#6: Automate Your Lights

Of our apartment living tips, this one falls squarely into the realm of unnecessary luxury.

But what’s an apartment without some creature comforts, right?

Phillips makes great smart light starter kits called Hue bulbs. They’re LED lights (energy saving) that screw into your existing light sockets.

Each Hue bulb talks back to the separate “bridge,” which then talks to your other smart devices.

You can control the lights wirelessly with your cellphone, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or just schedule them to turn on and off at specific times.

Besides the ultimate laziness of turning off the lights from bed, you’ll also never come home to a dark apartment again.

#7: Mutual Respect Among Neighbors

We’re finishing off our apartment living tips list like we started it; play nice with other people!

Just like you’ll probably have roommates, you’ll probably (definitely) have neighbors. Make it a point to meet the neighbors soon after you’re moved in.

Even one friendly visit can break the ice for future interactions. It’s much easier to knock and say “hey can you turn it down,” if both parties are on good terms.

No one wants to knock on some stranger’s door and get an earful from someone on the defensive.

Stay on good terms with your neighbors and you’ll never have to listen to dubstep at 3 a.m. again.

Making the most of your apartment is all about working with what you have. With a little ingenuity, even a small studio can seem like the apartment of your dreams.

Hopefully, these seven apartment living tips have given you some ideas of how to make your home that much better.

Remember, your home is what you make of it.